Heating Up

Ah, the time of year when all things blossom. Flowers. Trees. Softball season. Presidential scandals.

Things are imploding so fast in Washington, D.C. I can hardly keep it all straight. I remain skeptical anything comes of any of this. The current administration has shown itself impervious to scandal. Nothing touches them. Subpoena documents? Come and make us cough them up. Testify before congressional committees? Hey, we're the masters of providing non-answers. Round and round we go.

The only reason this current maelstrom is very, very dangerous for President Obama is that the mainstream media's lockstep loyalty is teetering. Add to the mix that one of the scandals involves the Justice Department confiscating phone records from one of their own, and this could be a recipe for disaster. But, as I say, I remain skeptical. Liberals might make life miserable for a fellow liberal for a time, but they never fully turn on them. In fact, if you recall Clinton's impeachment, the media aided and abetted Republicans in bringing things to that point. Once impeachment actually happened, suddenly the media started whining about those sex-obsessed Republicans and their Kenneth Starr witch hunt. Trust me. They always come back to the fold when the opportunity arises to make Republicans look bad.

Don't let all of this distract you from the substantive issues.

We still don't know who decided a YouTube video was a good explanation for Benghazi, nor who gave the stand down orders to rescue teams, sealing the fate of four Americans.

The IRS wanted to know what books people were reading. The names of students being taught at conservative functions. Donor lists for conservative non-profits. That is an egregious abuse of power, and that one will result in lots of people losing their jobs.

Just not Barack Obama.

Out here in Big Sky Country winter has finally loosened its grip. The spring weather is glorious, my last fishing afternoon netted twenty browns and rainbows, my yard is looking greener, the birds are out in full force, a dozen new ducklings have made their entrance into the world nearby, the grill is often hot, the beer is always cold, my church softball team is 1-0, and the Twins are .500.

Life is beautiful.

Brian Mattson