What Happened to Dead Reckoning?

You may have been surprised to see the new website banner. It may not be the final version, but it'll do as a placeholder, for now.

The short story is this: "Dead Reckoning" started out as my tiny brainchild to title my website. But my brain was way too tiny.

From now on, Dead Reckoning is its own trademarked brand for the media content put out by me and my producer, Jay Friesen of Red Futon Films. It will have its own dedicated web domain (www.deadreckoning.tv) and will hopefully soon have its own dedicated multimedia website. All things Dead Reckoning will be migrated away from the site you're on right now.

Do not worry. This is all prologue to bigger things, not smaller. We have, we believe, truly astonishing and outstanding things in store for the future of Dead Reckoning.TV. Astonishing as in, unprecedented. As in, nobody in the realm of Christianity and culture is even close to doing what we are planning to do. More details to come as plans begin to materialize. 

So stay tuned!

Brian Mattson