The Long Winter is (Almost) Over

Today is a good day for America. As voters flock to the polling stations even as I write, the long winter is receding.

The winter of economic stagnation.

The winter of demonizing economic success.

The winter of ignoring the coming entitlement crisis.

The winter of a budget-less Federal government.

The winter when the word "Trillion" was made a part of normal speech. *

The winter of food stamps.

The winter of 23 million able-bodied Americans out of work.

The winter of giving Brazilians $3 Billion to expand their oil production while closing down our own.

The winter of religious organizations being forced to violate their consciences.

The winter of the Leviathan entering the health care business.

The winter of writing "very, very angry letters" telling Iran how "very, very angry we are."

The winter of sending assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels.

The winter of "overseas contingency operations."

The winter of silence surrounding the agonizing death of four Americans in Benghazi.

The winter of bowing to foreign despots.

* As Mark Steyn notes, the word "trillion" only used to be used by astrophysicists, when describing the distances between celestial bodies. Now it is a statement of our yearly budget deficits.

A Spring is coming. Tonight. No, not utopia. A new president will not and cannot produce that. But he can and will make substantial corrections to each of the items I've randomly listed above off the top of my head. And slowly but surely the weight wrapped around our economic shoulders will lift. Our pessimism about the "new normal" will fade and we will have a societal rejuvenation, a desperately needed injection of optimism and enthusiasm. We have experienced the winter of the worst economic recovery since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and I happen to believe that the business sense, leadership, and personnel intuitions of Mitt Romney are going to be just the boost America needs.

Is it over already? Of course not, and no one really knows what will happen when the votes are actually counted. But I remain very confident that the American people will not sign up for another four years of winter.

I stand by my 53% to 47% victory margin for Romney, which should produce 300+ Electoral College votes. Enjoy this evening, my friends!

Brian Mattson