Highlights from my Twitter Feed this week. They all seem to relate to human beings as the Image of God.

1. Jennifer Marshall at the Heritage Foundation wrote a stellar piece on how conservatives need to "change the tune" on poverty relief.

2. Eugenics is back from the ash heap of discredited agendas. Big time.

3. Eric Teetsel of the Manhattan Declaration reflects on the personal damage done by churches that encourage people struggling with same-sex attraction to just embrace it.

4. Regis Nicoll wrote an excellent piece on the tyranny of "reproductive justice."

5. P. Andrew Sandlin probes to the bottom of the progressive agenda and finds a reenactment of Psalm 2.

6. Cristina Nehring's "Loving a Child on the Fringe" in Slate is wonderful. Simply wonderful.

7. As is Reporter Ron Fournier's essay on how Bill Clinton and George W. Bush helped him connect to his son with Asperger's Syndrome.

8. I read Michael Reeves's book, Delighting in the Trinity this week. I know, sounds dry. But it is one of the most lively books I've ever read. Reeves matches the manner with the matter. Order it.

Just eight today. I'll leave you with musical sublimity.

Brian Mattson