VanDrunen Two Kingdoms Review

Keith Mathison has posted a review of David VanDrunen's Living in God's Two Kingdoms, a book I suggested my Sunday School students may wish to obtain and read.

He makes a number of excellent observations about the book, but his first sentence is a bit strange.  He says that this book is "the first attempt of which I am aware to present at a non-academic level a book-length biblical and theological case for 'two-kingdoms theology.'"  This is very, very strange, indeed.  Mainly because this book (which I do not recommend) was published in 2009 by... oh, who was that?  Oh, yes.  Ligonier Ministries.  The organization for which Keith Mathison regularly writes.

I am still a bit perturbed that Ligonier published it.  In the spirit of being nice, I'll just say that I don't think it is a good book.  At all.  So, stick with Dr. VanDrunen if you want a presentation of "Two Kingdoms" theology from someone who understands the issues and compellingly (if still unpersuasively) presents his case.

Brian Mattson