Attending to Important Things

My presence on the Internet will be intermittent until next week. My sister is getting married on Saturday, and I am honored to be an attendant. In a very cool move, she and her groom have eschewed having bridesmaids and groomsmen. Instead, my wife and I will be her attendants, and his brother and sister will be his attendants. Very, very unusual and, as I said, cool.

This afternoon I'm off to host a joint bachelor/bachelorette party at the River House in Absarokee (my sister's imminent new home). Tomorrow, a rehearsal and dinner again in Absarokee (with a roasted pig!). And, of course, wedding and reception on Saturday. Looks to be a full weekend.

There will be no commentary from me on the remainder of the Republican National Convention,but if you missed the speeches by Condoleeza Rice and Paul Ryan last night, do yourself a favor and Google them now.

They were in the stratosphere of great American political speeches. Rice's in particular is one of those that will be gathered into anthologies and studied in political science classes for years to come. Ryan's won't simply because of its political immediacy, but it was, likewise, spectacular. I don't know how Mitt Romney can follow that performance, but something tells me he will rise to the occasion.

Brian Mattson