A "Balanced" Plan


The new President Obama sales pitch to the American people consists in telling us that by making the "rich" "pay a little bit more" (his exact words), we can "pay down our deficit in a balanced way."

Let's just dispense with this gut-busting piece of black humor, shall we?

President Obama has increased the national debt by $6 Trillion. That's $6,000,000,000.00. You have no idea how much money that is.

His yearly deficits promise to be over $1 Trillion a year as far as the eye can see. That's $1,000,000,000.00. You have no idea how much money that is.

The country has absolutely nothing to show for this "investment." I mean, nothing. Can you name one thing? A Hoover Dam, perhaps? National highway system? All we have is bankrupt companies who were at one time Obama cronies.

And, finally, just earlier this year President Obama submitted a budget to Congress that demonstrated his firm commitment to "paying down the deficit in a balanced way." Right?

Wrong. His budget was so laughable, so incredibly ludicrous, it garnered not a single vote from a single legislator. That includes Democrats. Obama's "responsible" and "balanced" approach this year, Senate and House combined, is a whopping 0 for 513.

Now, just months later, he has a bold plan.

If you think Barack Obama cares the slightest about "paying down the deficit in a balanced way," you are the dictionary definition of a fool.

One thing is for certain: he thinks you're a fool.

Prove him wrong this November.


I always try, dear readers, to write in pithy and punchy ways. This post is certainly direct, but not direct enough.  Here is the conclusion you need to draw. When it comes to deficit reduction:

There is no plan.

There never has been a plan.

The next plan will not be a plan.

But, ooh, look!  Mitt Romney is rich!

This man has made a complete joke of the Presidency.

Brian Mattson