A Long-Awaited Facelift

If you've been here before, you're now noticing the new website design.

I've put off a redesign for many years for what turned out to be silly reasons. I'm not a web designer and the very idea seemed too complicated and time consuming. I have, of course, noticed the evolution of web pages, with their big, bold cover photographs and cool scrolling features, but didn't see how to make that usable for a word-centric (rather than photo-centric) website.

Then I noticed Keanu Reeves advertising Squarespace during the Super Bowl. I realized I hadn't checked in with Squarespace for a very, very long time.* Perhaps they've got new web design tools and templates? So I checked it out. 

* FYI: I have been a Squarespace subscriber from way back when the company was essentially ONE guy in his New York Apartment. I love entrepreneurs and success stories!

It turns out Squarespace has been very busy improving their product over the years, and my entire web redesign, including that big, bold photograph and cool scrolling, did not fill an entire afternoon, much less the days and days I anticipated.

To say that I'm a satisfied customer would be a huge understatement. The improvement is so vast that I actually feel inspired to, well, write more content. I'm busy writing books, but I hope to drop some more blog posts at a regular rate!

Brian Mattson