Dads, Sons, and Culture-Making

Stan Lynde passed away this week.

You may not know the name, but at one time Stan produced a hugely successful daily cartoon called Rick O'Shay & Hipshot, a graphic series set in the Old West. In more recent years he authored a number of western themed juvenile fiction novels.

I did not know Stan well, although I met him a couple of times. His son Taylor is one of my dearest friends.

This got me to thinking about legacy. Because it strikes me that while people will forget, indeed, many already have, that Stan Lynde produced his wonderful cartoon series, Stan did something equally (and, arguably, more) significant. He inspired his son. Taught his son. Encouraged his son. Cultivated his son's God-given talents. And now I consider the oil painting work of Taylor Lynde some of the finest art money can buy. And although he's had some impressive accolades (e.g., featured in Southwest Art), because he is not widely known nor does he sell through established galleries, you can obtain Taylor's work for a fraction of its true value. I encourage you to do so.

I am a proud owner of two of his magnificent paintings. They are among my most cherished possessions. And I want to say:

Thank you, Stan. You used your gifts to cultivate and enrich the world, and you passed on that passion to the next generation. Just as God designed it. Condolences to the entire Lynde family.

Brian Mattson