Podcast Coming Soon!

Jay (my producer) and I have been holed up pretty frequently in the studios of Red Futon Films putting together our inaugural episode of Dead Reckoning Radio.

And boy are we having fun putting together music clips and jingles for our show segments, at least one of which we wrote and performed yesterday, using these instruments (note the infamous red futon).

photo (2).JPG

This show is going to be rocking good fun, what I like to call "seriously entertaining." Meaning, a serious show with lots of good, stimulating content, but also entertaining with plenty to make you laugh. You'll love the "In Honor of the Pig" intro (our good food segment), and hopefully you'll like our jingle to the Dadlife segment. A little ditty we put together for guitar and banjo.

We'll be getting the first episode up soon. I realize that lots of people don't think they have the time to listen to lengthy podcasts and/or radio shows, but I want to do my best to convince you that downloading this podcast to your phone, iPod, iPad, etc., and listening to it as you drive from Point A to Point B, clean the house, go jogging or walking, is a worthwhile and doable thing!

So stay tuned for the latest Dead Reckoning project. Here's a behind the curtain view of what show prep looks like:

photo (1).JPG
Brian Mattson