(Belated) Song Lyrics

So a number of people have asked for the lyrics of the song, "Paper and a Ring," and I wasn't smart enough to anticipate that. Duh!

Without further adieu:

Paper and a Ring - Brian Mattson

(Verse 1: Man) I need a love to lean on / a love to hold on to

a love to tie me down / so I don't drift away.

I need a love to fence me in / a love to catch my fall

to tie me to the mast / when the Sirens call.


'Cause freedom without purpose isn't free

I need someone else to have a hold of me.


Give me a love / a love to last a lifetime

Give me a love / a tie that really binds.

Passion is a momentary thing

I need a promise, a piece of paper, and a ring.

(Verse 2: Woman) I need a love for comfort / a love to keep me warm

A love to flee for safety / like a shelter in the storm.

I need a love to conquer me / a love to stake its claim

To finally find myself / when it gives me a new name


'Cause freedom isn't all about finding me

To give of myself is liberty

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Brian Mattson