Exciting Stuff Coming Soon

Yesterday my producer and I filmed our April episodes of Dead Reckoning.TV. This Friday will feature a very special guest who will deliver a superb Easter message that I think you'll enjoy. We're also rolling out our acoustic version of the Dead Reckoning theme music, which we think is quite awesome. Many thanks to Carlos, our terrific composer, for putting that together!

You'll also notice that there is a new tab on the header of this page, called "Radio." Jay and I have received such terrific feedback on our weekly local radio show, "The Pew and the Pulpit," that we've decided to branch out and launch a full fledged podcast, Dead Reckoning Radio. This will allow us to be a bit more liberated in our topics, since our other show is built around a specific sermon. We'll banter about current events, hot cultural topics, and we are developing regular features to the program, including expert guest commentaries and interviews (boy do we have great guests in mind!), segments on fatherhood, "in" Christian women, fabulous food, and the occasional appearance by wannabe funny-man John, a/k/a the Demented Dutchman. Okay, no. He's not a wannabe. He really is funny. (The demented part is true.)

This 30-60 minute podcast will be seriously entertaining. That is, serious. And entertaining. We're very excited about it. First episode should roll out first week of April. So, as they say, stay tuned...

Brian Mattson