A Much-Needed Break

The girls and I are off to The River House for the afternoon and evening, where we will enjoy dinner with my sister and her husband. A much-needed break from a week of sanding floors, popping pain pills, massages, and so forth.

I am very much looking forward to giving my brother-in-law some beginning instruction on fly fishing with his new equipment that he received for Christmas. We'll learn the basics and, so conveniently, he just so happens to have a nice trout stream to practice with!

It seems an eternity (though less than a month!) since I've felt the water on my feet and heard its glorious sound in my ears, the breeze in my face, the sight of perhaps a bald eagle swooping upstream, and, of course, the thrill of a trout on the end of the line.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Brian Mattson