Quick News and Another Teaser

We're getting very excited for the release of the first episode of Dead Reckoning.TV next week! We had planned on getting it out this week, but my producer, Jay Friesen, is in San Antonio, Texas for the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, where his full-length feature documentary, Half Devil Half Child, is nominated for best documentary. We'll see if he comes home with some hardware, which would be simply awesome. But being nominated is very, very cool, too. And if the film can generate more awareness of various "Insider Movements" (You can follow Jesus and still retain your Muslim identity, go to the Mosque, pray toward Mecca, etc.) in modern missions, all the better. That is, after all, the point of the film.

And in the meantime I've been busy trying to get my new house move-in ready. The only reason it isn't is that I had the brilliant idea of tearing out all the carpet and refinishing the hardwood floors, all 900 square feet of them. It has turned into a gigantic headache and, more depressingly, a gigantic shoulder ache for me. Seriously. I've been a physically hurting unit the past two weeks as a nagging shoulder injury continues to slow me down. Yesterday I visited my first ever Licensed Massage Therapist and, well, let's just say that was one of the more painful experiences of my life! Painful in a good way, of course. My back muscles have never experienced anything like it; we are talking fingers, palms, elbows, and forearms applying incredible pressure. It produced an improvement, but not cure. For that, I'll need to find some exercises to rehabilitate the affected muscles, I think.

So, while we wait for next week, at which point we should have our eagerly anticipated "Opening Animation Sequence," produced by a professional who freelance animates for Disney, Jay and I quickly produced another trailer to tease you.


Brian Mattson