A Christmas Apologia

It was in a Garden that the Lie began

“You shall be a god, though you are a man.”

In Adam and Eve we find a rotten root --

They went astray when they gorged on the fruit.


Like the Father of Lies they sought the throne

Wanting not God’s, but their glory shown.

To a Divine race they sought to give birth,

Their will be done in heaven, as it is on earth.


So the Children of Men continued this boast

In the Plains of Shinar they gathered a host.

A Tower they built to establish their Name

Shouting to heaven of their power and fame.


Through long ages the same note would ring

from the mouths of Emperors, Princes, and Kings.

“We are gods!” they said with their lavish display

In their monuments of gold with feet of clay. 


Philosophers claimed again and again

That we all have the spark, buried within.

Our Reason can leave us without any doubt;

There’s no need to turn from within to without.


Monks of the East alter this quest

In the path of the Buddha they promise us rest.

Striving and seeking will keep you afar,

For why strive to be gods when you already are?  


Nietzche proclaimed that “God is Dead!”

But the epitaph hardly filled him with dread.

For Deicide leaves a throne to fill

And it can be man’s, by the power of will.


We fools have thought it within our might

To rise to the heights and ascend to the light.

That man should be god is always our plan

But never that God would become a man.


This Christmas Eve the Lie is exposed

We are far weaker than we ever supposed.

Hear! Oh hear now the depths of our plight,

That only our Maker could make it right!


Jesus the Christ, Immanuel, “God With Us.”

Brian Mattson