Progressivism's Holy Grail

From Politics & Evangelical Theology :

'Progressivism believes in a command-and-control economy in which the Almighty State is the giver of all good things rather than Almighty God. It does not believe in Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” which, I argued, is simply the Holy Spirit dispensing prosperity as he sees fit; it believes in the visible, coercive, and iron-fisted hand of the bureaucratic, managerial State which dispenses all things equally. The collective State is the divine reality into which the individual must be absorbed—the goal is Nirvana in the here-and-now. And to achieve this goal money and wealth must be “spread around.” Only when everybody shares everything equally will there be the Gnostic utopia. The “holy grail” of progressivism is, and always has been, the eradication of private property. Politicians trying to get elected in America cannot put it in this kind of Marxist idiom, so they soften it with rhetoric of compassion and fairness. That does not stop them, however, from demonizing economically successful people, businesses, or industries and constantly stoking class envy between the haves and have-nots.'

Brian Mattson