A Good Thing

Of all my musical influences, Patty Larkin sits at the top of the heap. An outstanding and very innovative acoustic guitarist and songwriter, I've found musical inspiration from her for many, many years. 

"Good Thing" remains one of my favorite songs of all time. I will not give my explanation of all the lyrics here, because I have found that this is the kind of poetry that requires marination in life-experience. Quite a few times in the past decade when going through a particularly tough time the song has serendipitously returned to me after languishing in obscurity on my iPod. Every time it is as though Patty is speaking directly to me. No matter how difficult real relationships are, when lovers "have borders of their own," no matter how much hope seems like a "prayer unheard," a good thing remains a good thing. And "it's a bad thing to let go."

Tough as times get, whether it is marriage, children, vocation, friendships -- wherever God has placed you, "This is nothing less than perfect / in a less than perfect world."  Because He has placed you there.

Here is Patty performing "Good Thing" in a small coffee shop six months ago: 

Brian Mattson