Election Blogging

My friend David Bahnsen has a very fine piece on what Mitt Romney's electoral strategy should be.

He is promising to blog more regularly throughout this election season, and that prompted me to make a similar promise.  Given the importance of the 2012 elections (I really do believe it represents America at an unprecedented crossroad), I also plan on blogging more regularly as the summer moves into the fall.

My election blogging will, however, have a unique take. Having just published a book on the intersection between theology and politics, I will attempt to interpret current events through a distinctly evangelical theological prism. I like to think of it as applying my book to the current situation. For instance, all the demagoguery about Romney's riches, leadership of Bain Capital, and so forth relates directly to Chapters 5 and 6 of my book, and I will be taking the opportunity to tease out the implications.

This might come in handy because I'm speaking at an invitation-only, closed-door event on the eve of the election on the topic: "The 2012 Elections: The Theological Stakes." Blogging on these topics will surely sharpen my thoughts on the matter.

So, as they say, stay tuned...

Brian Mattson