What We Are Up Against

A little anecdote for you to mull over.

A friend sat at a group lunch the other day, a little sullen about the election result. A young liberal woman said these words to him:

"Well, you could always move to Iran or North Korea. They're pretty conservative."

Okay. Let's try to parse that one, shall we? This young woman thinks that a totalitarian, State-controlled society is what a small government conservative wants .

But...but... you say, that is insane!

Well, yes, it is completely irrational. As in, off-your-rocker, 52-cards-shy-of-a-full-deck kind of irrational.

Here is what this young liberal woman really thinks, and this is the only way she could have made the Iran/North Korea connection: conservatives really just want to stone gay people or other undesirables.

That's it. That's the substance, the entire orbit of her intellectual understanding.

If we do not start reaching this exact sort of person and persuading them, we are doomed.

In case you missed that: D-O-O-M-E-D.

Brian Mattson