"He Knew"

That's the Drudge headline right now, and it really is all you need to know. I recommend reading Bill Blankshaen's rundown of the details, but I'll sum it up:

The President of the United States knew within two hours of our consulate coming under attack that it was a coordinated, premeditated terrorist assault. The State Department emails saying so were routed directly to the White House Situation Room. Even worse, Administration officials apparently watched the attack unfold in real time (drone technology) for hours. No reinforcements were sent, no rescue operation was attempted, even though we have ample resources in the region (E.g., units in Italy, a mere hour away).  Let that sink in for a second: People, real human beings in the government, possibly even the President himself, watched Chris Stevens and three others die in a sprawling, terrifying seven-hour attack.

The President and his surrogates promptly went out and told us for two weeks that a mass demonstration about some "disgusting" and "offensive" YouTube video nobody had ever heard of got out of control.

I'll be provocative because, hey, the Progressives have told me for years that speaking truth to power and political dissent is the "highest form of patriotism." Fine. I'll take advantage of that. It sounds a lot to me like the President and his cadre of advisers purposely let those four brave, courageous, lonely, and scared Americans die on a dark and desperate Libyan night. I'd like to know why. They were sacrificed for...what, exactly? Perhaps the President might find my speculations here "offensive." Well, while we're on the grievance train, I'll tell you what I find offensive: the President speaking at Chris Stevens's memorial service and repeating his disgraceful cover-up lie almost literally on the man's grave.

I suspect--no, I have to hope that those four Americans were sacrificed for some nobler purpose than Barack Obama's reelection prospects. Because if the information made public today is all true, and there is nothing behind this other than reelection worries, we have witnessed one of the most disgusting and immoral abuses of executive power this nation has ever known. It looks like a replay of King David and Uriah the Hittite. Look it up if you don't get the reference. Calling all would-be Bob Woodward's...

November 6th cannot come soon enough.

Brian Mattson