Hitting The Road!

The Mrs. and I, accompanied by one of our adventurous Nephews, are hitting the road this week. We are driving to Philadelphia, to stay all of one night, in order to pack up our remaining things there and put our house on the market. It will be a brutal drive, and we aren't particularly looking forward to it.

In addition, upon return, we get to get in the car again, this time with our girls, to take a much more enjoyable trip to Southern California. That is going to mean driving about 7,000 miles in three weeks' time.

I hope to blog periodically on the road, and maybe give you a taste of this great American road trip!

Oh, and the day after our return from Philly, I get to play an hour set for a very large outdoor 4th of July festival. Nice that my rock star alter-ego gets a big chance to play on a big stage! If you're in Billings, I'll be on stage at 5:00 p.m. at Castle Rock Park. This is Harvest Church's big 4th shindig.

Brian Mattson