Senior Scholar of Public Theology

I am delighted to announce my appointment as Senior Scholar of Public Theology for the Center For Cultural Leadership. Their announcement can be found here.

This is a very exciting development. This appointment enables me to turn my attention full time to research, writing, publishing, and speaking. I am extremely grateful to Andrew Sandlin, the tireless and passionate President of CCL, along with the Board of Trustees for bringing me on board, and I look forward to the opportunity to exercise my gifts in CCL's mission to "transform Christians to transform cultures."

For those of you who know me and are interested, this appointment allows me and my family to remain in Montana. This is certainly a very big benefit to us and an answer to our prayers.

Practically speaking, working full time for CCL will mean not only an increased output in terms of scholarly research and writing, but a much larger presence on the web. Look for a highly increased output on this blog (which I encourage you to add to your bookmarks or RSS feed), my public Facebook page (search for Dr. Brian G. Mattson), and my Twitter feed (@BrianGMattson). Coming soon will be a YouTube channel for short video logs ("Vlogs," as they're called) on a variety of topics.

First up on the publishing front is a short booklet entitled What Is Public Theology? This will explain more fully, as you might expect, my new job title.

We are excited to begin this new phase in our lives, and I look forward to continuing to apply the truths of Christian theology to the cultural world in which we find ourselves, only now on a full time basis.

Brian Mattson