More on Humpty Dumpty

I want to add one more thing to my previous blog post. And that is that I very much appreciate Horton's evident humility and reasonableness surrounding this debate, at least as exhibited in the blog post I've referenced. I do believe that Horton's embrace of 2KT is much more nuanced than that of his colleague, as I've indicated.

I appreciate his desire to have 2KT opponents like me represent the view fairly and charitably. And I take that responsibility seriously.

However, is it too much to ask for some reciprocity? I know that my own attitude greatly suffers when, for example, the transformationalist view is slandered by a cheap guilt-by-association with the Emergent movement in the opening pages of VanDrunen's book. It is not remotely fair to complain about me and others of smearing 2KT with the epithet "Anabaptist" all the while accusing Kuyperians of being Brian McLaren. Not least because at least the Anabaptist charge has the merit of some plausibility...

So, yes, Horton may well have a point that this debate will only be furthered when people represent opposing views fairly.

But (*ahem*) that is very much a two-way street.

Brian Mattson