They've Finally Done It

The left-wing media in this country has finally done it. They've pushed me over the edge. I've been sitting on the sidelines, minding my own business, waiting patiently for the political process to play out until we find out who the Republican nominee for President will be. I was perfectly ready to throw my support behind whoever that person might be. But my patience has vanished.

Suddenly, somehow, one's fidelity to one's spouse has become an extremely important job qualification for the shills who tried so unsuccessfully to cover this up. Somehow anonymously sourced allegations from decades ago are breathlessly reported as relevant to the people who shrugged at a chief executive of the United States of America lying to a grand jury under oath about an actual adulterous affair.

I, for one, refuse to stand silent at this kind of wicked double-standard. That's what it is: wicked. Full stop.

Herman Cain is now my man. I don't care about whatever problems some bean-counter in some think tank finds with 9-9-9. I don't even care if it is true he made some woman decades ago feel uncomfortable. (The range of what passes for "sexual harassment" can be rather absurd, anyway.) I don't care about not having held elected office. As far as I'm concerned, such experience did nothing for the man we have now. Unlike Herman Cain, the current President never had a single noteworthy accomplishment in his entire life, two autobiographies notwithstanding.

It is simply unconscionable that the very media now hounding Herman Cain over anonymous sexual harassment accusations found, say, Barack Obama's membership in Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years absolutely uninteresting. And called it "racist" to even inquire, I might add.

What does it all mean? One thing, and one thing only.

Herman, they are very, very terrified of you. It is that simple. You are a threat.

My advice? Keep smiling, Herman. Keep on smiling. It's your best asset. Don't be defensive. This ludicrous hit-job should be the best news you've had all year: "they" are taking you seriously. Leaders of a genuine sunny disposition don't come around very often. The last one we had happened to be one of our greatest Presidents: The Gipper himself.

Give us more of this, please. I'll have your back.

Brian Mattson