iChurch, Art Journeys, and Belief

Season Two: Episode 3


In the Spindle segment, Brian and Jay pull out their inner Abbott & Costello, Jay talks about consumerism in the church and the importance of not having skeletons in the closet, and Brian talks about the NFL's new contract with Uber, and why you shouldn't open carry in Starbucks coffee shops.

In the Above the Paygrade segment they welcome super-cool CCM rocker and visual artist Chris Taylor to talk about his journey and art. Taylor brings his own studio audience to his interviews. How cool is that?

In the Commentary segment Brian addresses the first words of the Apostles' Creed, which are very unpopular in contemporary culture: "I believe." 

Finally, in Dadlife, Jay shares a hilarious tale of shouting "Big Nasty Poo!" in a public place, and Brian observes human nature's innate sense of insecurity and pride. 

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Show Notes: 

Chris Taylor's website