Dead Reckoning Radio: Episode 3

"Becoming Dumber, New Music From Christa Wells, and Dirty McDonalds Floors."


Brian and Jay discuss this week's Spindle items, including "Turning the other ear," Jackie Robinson, and high-priced concert tickets; Indie artist Christa Wells joins them to talk about her new collaborative album with Nicole Witt, More Than Rubies; and Dadlife includes a--er, unique 6-year old interpretation of the Image of God, and Jay's dream vacation to...Wyoming.

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Show Notes:

Jay's Spindle Links

Suarez/Tyson Ear Incident.

Kid Rock Ticket Prices.

Prayer Memes on Twitter.

Brian's Spindle Links

42 - The Movie

Joe Carter, "Is The News Making Us Dumb?"

More Than Rubies

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Christa Wells

Nicole Witt