Dead Reckoning Radio: Episode 2

"Gosnell, Crabs, and Half Nelsons"

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Brian & Jay deliver their takes on select news items in The Spindle; Eric Teetsel, Executive Director of the Manhattan Declaration, joins them to discuss the media blackout, potential cultural implications, and one eerie 1972 Mother's Day Massacre connection in the Kermit Gosnell horror story; In Dadlife, Brian discovers the hazards of teaching your kids Latin; The Five Points of Baconism; and Bartender Casey tells the manly joys of a half nelson.

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Show Notes:

Jay's Spindle Links:

Samoan Airlines: Weight Fairest Way to Fly (Reuters)  

Diana DeGette on Magazines. (Denver Post) 

Diana DeGette "Probably be dead anyway…" (Live Leak) 

Brian's Spindle Links:

John Hinderaker: "A Lame Duck Squawks, But Why?"

Jonah Goldberg on Brad Paisley.

Tim Carney on Kermit Gosnell's eerie past.

James Taranto's honest abortion discussion, From Roe to Gosnell.

In Honor of the Pig:

Brian's thick-cut bacon!

Brian's thick-cut bacon!

'Nuff said!

'Nuff said!