Poverty is Not the Goal

From Politics & Evangelical Theology :

"It ought to be obvious, but, sadly, sometimes the obvious needs to be pointed out: poverty is not a good thing. When the Bible says that God has compassion on the poor, it is hardly because poverty is an ideal condition! Far from it! Scarcity is not the biblical ideal. It was not in God’s original blueprints. After all, he placed Adam and Eve in a luxurious garden. There is a reason “wilderness” is a universally bad thing in the Bible. It is the opposite of cultivation, dominion, and prosperity. It is a place of insecurity, chaos, danger, and want. Rather than ruling over it, people are generally helpless in the wilderness. Scarcity is the exact opposite of the human design. Poverty and helplessness in the face of a cruel, uncaring world is the opposite of dominion, rule, and flourishing in the world."

Brian Mattson